Tuesday, March 29, 2005


March 29, 2005

News in brief
oh yeah, lunch time people!
i'm eating a big ol' ham sandwich from downstairs at the cheesy deli YUM
kinda stupid since i have a huge pile of leftover easter ham at the house.

tonight i'm heading over to my brother-in-law's house to help him get ready for the drywaller to come in and finish up his basement. i've been trying to help out as much as i can, which usually works out to as much as i can remember when he's working.

cool links for today
article about my dad's company
funny funny link
http://jesusoftheweek.com/ (thanks josh)

it's about 4:30 and i am at a good breaking point here at gigamoto, i want to bail, but steve hinted that i should be working a full 4 hours -- i've been averaging 35.

i think i'll go kill myself. er, have a cigarette, i mean, yeah...

conshy's fire dept was heading out while i was out there -- freakin LOUD

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