Thursday, October 27, 2005


007 Show Notes

Hey all,

Today's show was really fun to put together. Nothing like a couple glasses of wine to just get ya in the mood to podcast!!!

Edgar Whitegrass didn't talk much today, we'll see if we can't get him chattering on the next show. His eyes are bad send him e-mail through me

I can't decide if my artsy-fartsy music thingy is any good. I think i should have made it more self-conscious and mocked it in the end. What do you think? (link)

Today's Music

Babylon Cowboys -- In My Mind
Jammin, Inc. -- System Overload

Today's Links:

Marc Steel -- and excellent and talented web developer

dirCaster is a php script that allows one to very easily start Podcasting mp3 files from their web host. link

Well anyway, hope you're doing well.


Friday, October 21, 2005


in san francisco

this is about a block from my hotel. i'll write more later, just wanted to get a few pix up.


in san francisco

that's me in the hotel, over a copy of the san francisco chronicle. i'm actually recording right now. dude can't think about the the implications of asynchronicty this early in the morning -- i've only had two cups of coffee.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


We Got Airplay!!!!!

Yep, you heard right. Adam Curry of the Daily Source Code played my mashup "Bono Versus Bonham." on his show Friday October 14, 2005. Wahoo!

I am so totally stoked you have no idea! I am making myself late to work right now by typing this. I have to make up a promo thanking dude.

This is nuts. The groggyjava show website hasn't even been indexed by google yet!

hopefully it means I am doing something right!
Ken, always inquisitive and investigative put together a mashup of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love and U2's Bullet the Blue Sky.

After hours of work he got the two songs to work together so well that Adam Curry played it on his genre defining podcast.

-marc steel

ken ehrman, you are evil and will convert millions. That rules you mad psyco killer.

you can find friday's show at

main page for adam's show:

you can find a link to my mashup and the xml feed to my podcast here:

I'm so very happy.

Monday, October 17, 2005


the groggyjava show :: show notes :: sunday oct 16, 2004

Show Notes GJ-003

Sign On

Postcasting from the east side of Philadelphia this is the groggyjava show. My name is Ken Ehrman and I am groggyjava. Welcome to my show.

Sunday Evening Musical Podcast
A beautiful autumn day here on the eastern shore of the mighty Delaware, the sky is clear the moon is bright and full.

We our first listener! My man Josh, and says "not too bad"

I think we need more music so I dug into the podsafe music network and rounded us up some alternative and some reggae from their ample stacks

1.) More Music

2.) Studio Upgrades !! (new toys)

3.) Where I'm at with Nursery Progress

4.) Recanting First Backyard Campfire

5.) Listed in Yahoo!

6.) Podcasts i've been digging

Majek Fashek with "I Am Not Afraid" from the podsafe music network.

My own mashup that I call “Bono Versus Bonham”

Nursury/Studio Upgrades

Electrical in room is finished.

I found what the ghostly noise was the other night.

Had to tear out the previous conduit and start over.

Crimper at Radio Shack

Mixer at Radio Shack

Shut Ups Teenage Man

Dub Session podcast – DJ Chill Will RULES!!!!

I burned cd of show and played on the boom box in the back yard at the first fall backyard camp fire! Hot chocolate & roastin’ marshmallows!

Here is German reggae. These guys are really good!

Jammin’ Inc. – Propaganda

Jammin’ Inc. – System Overload

Sign Off

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Time Zone

I just noticed that the time stamp on these posts had been the default of PST. Going forward the time stamps will be correct. Add three hours to past posts.

As if anyone cares, right?


gj-002 show notes

yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm still up. i just finished the second groggyjava show and now is the time to do up the show notes.
I go sleepy-sleep now!


up way too late again

i'm starting to wonder if i'm going to become an insomniac. i lay there and just could not sleep. i was racked by crazy dreams involving whatever happened to be on the radio and i kept waking up. so i decided to come upstairs to the studio and make some of my own radio. i'm going to hit record here in a minute and record the show, then see if i can then get to sleep.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Up way too late

Dude, it's like 5 in the morning. I couldn't sleep because of all the coffee I drank while working on the nursery. All I have left to do is:
Wee hooo. I need to start posting pictures of this thing don't I?

I need to update update my web site. Both the groggyjava and digitalbridgeway domains point to the same hosting account; I need to do something more sophisticated than what I have up there.

Well this is just turning into a to-do list isn't it? Oh well.

I saw my buddy Tom's Ficker photo stream and he's got some of his (what i assume is new) art on there. It's pretty good stuff. Good to see he's still at it. I need to build out a gallery of my work, oh and start producing work again! (lol)

Dude I better lay down and at least get a nap, or I am really going to hate myself alllll day. Catherine wants to go to baby's r us to pick out the dresser while we still have a 15%-off coupon.

Friday, October 07, 2005


1st real podcast up and running

got the first episode of the podcast up, online and on the air. the full podcast has an odd echo on some of the vocals, but i decided if i waited to re-record or even re-mix it, i'd run the risk of not ever getting this thing started, so i ran with it.

i'm still having problems with the microphone i bought -- i've never really used a mic to do real recording on windows. i used to use my mac waaaaay back in the day (sys 7.x) and made custom audio cds (had clear off nearly everything from the 2gb hd in my powercenter pro in the days before mp3 hahahahahahahahaha man that sucked.)

any way before i start sounding like an even older fart than i am, i should forget the past and see how i can get this mic sounding better. or maybe i jsut need a beter mic.

it's a condenser mic, and it's powered, but the signal is sooooo thin. oh well, i'll just take it back and try another one.

i listened to the podcast at work, but it seemed to me to have a pretty slow download. maybe my isp throttles the line, i don't know. hopefuly i'll get some traffic and i'll find out for sure.

i bought the domain names and marked their DNS entries to point to my CQHost account and put up a php script that performs the redirect away from the digital bridgeway web site, which needs a total reworking. i think what i'm going to have to do is push the digital bridgeway account into a subdirectory and promote groggyjava to the root. i think that will be easier for linking back and forth between flickr, blogger, etc. i have no idea if i'm going to get any traffic or not on this site. digital bridgeway hardly gets any.

dude, i better hit the sack it's 1:30 in the morning. talk to ya later.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


tiring debate

i work in a microsoft shop and tonight i got drawn into this huge micosoft versus open-source debate and because i'm the only one who works with open-source software and has any faith in the open-source thing, i got it from both barrels from everyone there. what a crock of shit. i don't even freakin' care about the debate. i'm a professional software developer, whatever language, whatever platform, i'll make the thing do what you want. i'm not out to change the world; i'm not that clever.

and yet i found myself feeling all defensive. it was really, really draining

if i had a dog, i'd have come home and kicked it.

oh well, whatever


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