Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Each one teach one

I have met a lot of people who are very clammed up about the technology they use or the techniques they use. I think that this is silly and here’s why:
  1. Most people’s “secret recipe” is usually just a variation on a trick found in a publicly available book or web tutorial; relatively few people are actually pioneering uses of off-the-shelf technology.
  2. Pioneering use of off-the-shelf technology is scarcely ground-breaking compared with the R&D that went into making your clever trick possible in the first place.
  3. Things like javascript and dhtml represent a small problem domain and even the most clever of tricks produces trivial results (rollovers and pop ups and resizing yaaaaaay!)
  4. Not discussing technique with other people narrows your focus to only those problems you encounter yourself and you limit your ability to see how your ideas might work in other environments
I find that whenever I share my knowledge with others by helping them solve a problem or discussing a clever trick I’ve uncovered, or even invented, that I am rewarded in the following ways:
  1. I gain the respect of my peers for having a deep knowledge of the technology; their professional references include phrases like “he really knows his stuff”
  2. I gain the gratitude of my peers for having helped them. That comes in handy when you need their expertise!
  3. I gain from a deeper understanding of what I’m talking about by fielding unexpected questions, and translating concepts into another person’s contextual reference. You teach yourself when teach others.
Also, the fact that you know a particular thing well enough to explain it to someone should show you that you’ve already got a head start on whomever you’re showing and they can become a resource for you when you have moved on to the next thing.

I think people who guard their techniques have this crazy idea that you can be a one-trick pony in this world. Those days over, baby! I’ve lived through the desktop publishing upheaval and the web boom and bust, what I’ve learned is that if you don’t feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose, you’ve gotten lazy and are going to be passed by.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


GJ-019 Show Notes


I finally got a new episode out the freakin' door!!! I've been so swamped working on the nursery and working at work, that I have fallen behind. My apologies! This episode has some seriously phat tracks. I really enjoyed myself making this. I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep. It was nagging at me "Ken, make a new podcast!" So I nuked some java, fired up the studio and I was off to the races! I hope you dig it. Download here

03:00 Stay Clear / THESSS link
06:20 Wicked Rebel / Slightly Stoopid
10:00 Rise Up / Scaterd Few link
14:38 Right The Alarm / Stick Figure link
17:30 8400 Molotov (HORSEMAN STEPPERS) / 12m3 Sound System link
21:12 Mr. Businessman / Babylon Cowboys link
26:05 Chat :: Worked at home today
28:10 Toad's Mystic Talk Dub / KoCha link
31:39 Station Identification
32:15 Chat :: Good friends Power Steppers, I sound like over night DJ, Behind in queuing up music, listening BBC
35:12 Elka Rockers in Dub / Prince Fatty link
39:00 Know Your Dub / Power Steppers link
43:20 Into Twilight / Burning Babylon link
47:00 Chat, Polar Bear Cook Out, Sign Off

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