Thursday, January 19, 2006


the free market could fail us very soon

the freemarket dictates that companies do whatever they can to make a larger profit
this leads to perfectly legal acts that not all people like, like clearcutting forests, etc. (we liberals like hardwood floors too ya know!)
but anyway, here is an example of how one network provider could forever wreck one of the most important underpinnings of the world wide web :: network neutrality

the value of the internet as computing resource is very tightly bound to the concept that any node should be able to reach any other node without restriction.

some internet provider want to charge companies whose traffic crosses their network (example i use comcast, and i want to access web site XYZ.COM that resides on an at&t server, but the traffic between me and the web site spends time crossing over a bellsouth network -- bellsouth says it wants
it's perfectly legal, too

i'll be the first to point out that the telco's do pay to keep up the network, and that they should be able to charge whatever they want and operate however they want.
the fact that the internet is the most important technology in our nation's economy and that fucking it up could cause a major disruption to our nation as a whole does not enter into the equation.
outlawing this behavior might be the first step in turning the nations telecom infrastructure back into a quasi-utility, and that would be very very bad.
what do you think?
i think that instead of outlawing it, they should be forced to open their networks to competition.
right now i can only get comcast cable. if they want to be allowed to slow my access to web sites that they don't get paid to host, then i should be allowed to get time warner cable or something else. otherwise they have me over a barrel.

what do you think?

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Introducing Spencer

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