Friday, March 31, 2006


we should continue to pray for the sick regardless its efficacy

the human consciousness includes a conscience that grows out of the fact that our preferred social structure (i.e. civilization) depends on humans acting, well, civil to one another. our survival instincts tell us that those who do harm to other individuals or to society as a whole, are doing harm to us, and we ascribe the labels good and bad to civil and uncivil behavior.

religion grows out of the fact that non-human things like plants, animals and natural phenomenon don't seem to share our desire to protect humans. to wit, bears don't mind eating people, and even though tornados do seem to target trailer parks, in general, nature is deaf to the pleas of humanity.

our pea brains have to come up with an explanation for why corn won't grow when you want it to.

enter god.

throughout human history we have prayed for rain, prayed for the rain to stop, etc. and whether or not it works, we still do it, because it gives us a sense of control over a world that is not so infatuated with humans as we are.

since nature doesn't care about us, and at times seems out to get us, and since there are humans that seem to act more like animals than humans, having a god that is more powerful than nature and humanity is very comforting indeed.

that being said, praying for some to be healed never hurt anyone, and it does make people feel good, so why would you discourage it?

that's just godless. hahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


it just never stops, does it?

my thought:
every conservative i have ever spoken with at some point explains to me that the constitution is not a living document; that it is to be interpreted precisely in its words; and that judges who set precedents that conservatives don't like are 'activist judges'

odd, then that conservatives can so casually overlook this egregious disregard of the cornerstone of the republic.

my, how quickly the conservative congressmen and women roll over and play dead for the president, abdicating their role within our government, forever eroding the importance of elected representation of the american citizenry.

this behavior is both cynical and shameful, and if you don't feel like you've been slapped in the face, then you really need to re-read the constitution, and re-evaluate what it means to be an american.

if bill clinton had pulled this stunt, every conservative in amerca would be in the streets with pitchforks and torches, and to believe otherwise is flagrant equivocation.

Monday, March 27, 2006


happy place

now if this just ain't the picture of pure bliss, then i'm beyond ignorant. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 23, 2006


this is what it's going to take

so many people talk so much smack about how shining the light of day on bad corporate behavior would be enough to stop bad corporate behavior.

hoo ha! if you want to cut down on white collar time, start sending these crooks to the same jails you send petty thieves, drug dealers and rapists. that'll straighten up some folks right quick.

that why i was very happy to see this article -- it's not hard time, and fines aren't steep enough, but laws with big teeth get people's attention. look at the success of DUI penalties.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


good news about alt fuels

i was reading this article (link) and thinking to myself how cool it will be when people start making good money on alternative energy services, because that's when it will really start to have traction. we've seen some promising start peter out, i'm really hoping this time it's for real.

any way check out the article -- has some really good points (link)


i guess stealing is okay if you are the studio

it kills me about these guys. they are insatiably greedy -- they want to make the design of new computer equipment be under their control just to ensure they squeeze every last drop of money of every joe, they sue innocent people who simply pay them off to avoid the cost of the lawsuit.

they continually scream and whine that copying media files is thievery and yet, the creators of the artwork routinely have to sue these jackasses to get paid.

hateful, just hateful

Monday, March 20, 2006


digital rights management schema

your past successes in the marketplace in no way entitle you to success in the future. success in business can only be ensured by providing a product that people want and offering it at a fair price and digital rights management (drm) appears at first glance to be an innocuous means of ensuring that producers receive payment for their wares.

DRM itself is not evil. What is evil are media companies pushing legislation like the broadcast flag and watermarking as law. And that's not really even evil, as it is clearly their right. I just see three huge problems with it.

1.) these companies don't really pay the artists much so their overtures seem most disingenuous. in reality artists make their money mainly off merchandise and concerts. the labels keep the vast majortiy of all album sales

2.) these DRM regimes being pushed in legislatures worldwide squash the concept of "fair use" -- to wit: when i buy a CD i can make back up copies, put it on to my ipod, etc, serve them up from a central server in my house, etc. Many of the DRM regimes in the pipeline would make it illegal for me not to pay to listen to my music in each way i want to listen to my music

3.) DRM shemes developed in the free market like apple's itunes, windows media center, etc. that give consumers freedom to enjoy the music they paid for, will be accepted. Super-restrictive, expensive regimes forced onto consumers by law will always be circumvented -- in short the WIPO, RIAA, MPAA etc are setting themselves up for failure, even with their ability to distort the free market through legislation.

The main thrust of DRM is a last ditch effort on the part of huge media companies to remain relevant. Smaller labels and artists themselves are proving that smaller channels of distribution work very well without them -- for an analog look at the splintering of the cable television space.

If these special interest groups and the media companies who fund them had paid attention long ago, they could have avoided the predicament in which they find themselves now by participating in the new media revolution. But just like the airline industry, these crusty, old-school behomeths go running for corporate welfare from uncle sam.


microsoft makes good use of its money

every now and again, bill does some philathropy that just warms my heart.
they can use their deep pockets and deep legal bench to put a hurt on the phishing scammers, that are after people like my parents. good on ya billy boy!!!


Talk about tax and spend!

Bush signs debt limit increase to $8.965 trillion
and here I thought it was the democrats who had a problem controlling their spending


telcos are staffed by stupid people

"We just kind of assumed all along that this is something consumers would want and demand and pay for," Geppert said

well surprise, surprise, surprise, people DON'T want to pay any more money for cellular servive, regardless of what bells and whistles might be included.

i have been saying my whole professional career that if the only reason you do something is to make money at it, you're going to do it poorly. this is just more evidence that i am right.



we're fat and lazy again

our nation is collectively too damned lazy to study the hard subjects like math and science.
and then people who majored in political science wanna cry about outsourcing.
too rich.

Friday, March 17, 2006


now you're talking -- uk bioethanol

It's gotta start somewhere! Glad to here it!
UK's first bioethanol pump opens


hasn't this been proposed and shot down a million times?

US senators propose 'XXX' domain for porn websites


how's it feel steve?

looks like apple might have to open up and say ah, then turn it's head and cough


have i just entered a parallel universe?

is fatah truly contemplating returning control over the palestinian territories back to israel?.


right-wing americans are sissies

right-wingers apparently are extraordinarily lazy, kinda stupid, and a gang of sissies

right wingers are too stupid to figure out that if they just got off their lazy
ass and changed the channel, they wouldn't have to work so hard to get
censorship laws passed.

right-wingers are too stupid to find the many channels devoted just to
religious and educational matter and children's programming where there is
no adult content

they might actually protect their kids if weren't too lazy to read the
manual on the v-chip thing or too stupid to understand it

they clearly are too lazy to turn the tv off and interact with their
children instead

stupid, lazy and weak -- and they want to run a war?


Thursday, March 09, 2006


new groggyjava episode #22

Today’s show was mainly about the music. This is the first episode with my new Alesis Multimixer 8 USB mixing board, and it is suh-weeet!!!!

Today I have prepared a Supersized pop, punk, ska and dub stylee explosion. I even kept quiet for the most part. Also using Ots Audio turntables Silver version. Way preferable to CastBlaster.

But mainly, it’s about the tunes, and here they are:

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